Hope made simple

Hope made simple

During March I once again had the awesome opportunity to visit our Babyhome here in Bulembu, with a friend. We went to take some photos of some the a team’s members spending some time with the little ones. I was on the floor, and having a hard time taking a nice shot of the two team members with the children, as some of the children were of course more interested in die cool gadget I was holding! So I put the camera behind my back and decided to just enjoy the children. Then one little girl sitting with me grabbed a hold of my finger. Something nudged me to get hold of the camera and take this shot, not quite able yet to verbalise the significance in that moment. As I was editing the photo and uploaded the photo to make it my Facebook cover page, the words I did not have that morning, made their way to my heart and mind:

“There is a certain Hope that stirs in one’s soul, for the redemption of mankind, when one is able to allow the uncensored joy and limitless potential of a child to pierce through that which we deem to be the status quo…even if just for a second.”

Our hope is that you will read them and take some time this week to allow yourself to be surprised by the simple joy of being a child, and that you will realise that it is not a weakness but a remarkable strength to have faith like those we overshadow in stature but who overshadow us in grasping the fullness of living in joy and hope.


By Michelle le Roux.


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