Bulembu Honoured to host His Majesty

– Newsletter 2014 02

Photograph by Gary Todoroff

History was made in Bulembu on Thursday, 20 February 2014, as his Maj- esty King Mswati III paid a visited to our community. The town was abuzz with excitement as preparations got underway more than a week ahead of his Maj- esty’s visit.

His Majesty, King Mswati III took the time to brave the 18 km dirt road, to see all that the Lord has done and continues to do here in Bulembu. It was a day filled with Swazi culture, pride, and unity as the town, and neighboring communities came together to witness this event.

Nonhlanhla Hlatshwayo, Social Worker for BMS Child Care department was happy to share a brief thought on the day:

“The King’s visit was such an awesome experience for all of us, most espe- cially for the kids. It was a lifetime experience for them.

“It was such an honour to have the King come because usually, he just sends a representative. As a social worker in the Child Care department, what I liked the most in his speech was the part whereby he encouraged the children to take their school work seriously. Hopefully they will do as the King said!”

Photograph by Gary Todoroff

His Majesty King Mswati III greets Neal Rijkenberg, Director and founder of Bulembu Ministries.

– Newsletter 2014 02

Commenting on His Majesty’s visit, Bulembu Ministries Enterprise Man- ager, Kurt Puttkammer, said that it was “a truly humbling experience that once again showed what teamwork can accomplish with a common goal in mind – glorifying God in all we do.”

In his statement about the king’s visit, Executive Director of Bulembu Ministries, Andrew le Roux, said, “What a privilege and honour to host His Majesty in Bulembu. It is the highlight of 8 years of hard work, by an amaz- ing team. Thank you Your Majesty for hearing your people and committing to have the road to Piggs Peak tarred.”

It certainly was a proud day for Bulembu, to host the nation’s king, and we are all sure to remember the day for years to come. For all who were in- volved with the plan- ning, organizing, and preparation of the event, THANK YOU for your efforts. To the greater Bulembu com- munity – Thank you for joining us on such a special occasion.

Photograph by Gary Todoroff

His Majesty King Mswati III addresses the crowd in the arena outside the Hospitality Training Centre. In his speech the king spoke about the history of Bulembu. He indicated his appreciation for the way that Bulembu has been revived, and the wonderful work that is being done in caring for orphans and vulnerable children.


Photograph by Gary Todoroff

Easter Raath brought her class to the library where King Mswati asked the children about what they were learning and encouraged them in their education. Primary School Principal Michelle Loubser hosted the tour of the school that lasted almost half an hour.


Photograph by Gary Todoroff

His Majesty greets Colin le Roux, Director of Operations, at the Bulembu Diary. His Majesty was presented with two heifers, as well as a bull for Her Majesty, as a token of Bulembu’s appreciation for the king’s visit.


Just before leaving the sawmill, the final stop on His Majesty’s tour, leaders of Bulembu Ministries paused to pray for King Mswati, asking God’s blessing for the king and country.

Photograph by Gary Todoroff

His Majesty King Mswati III waves goodbye to dignitaries and well-wishers and leaves town on the dirt road to Piggs Peak. During his 42-minute speech earlier in the day, the king expressed surprise that the road had not been paved as planned in 2010. He said, “I am hopeful that, as soon as we leave this place, construction of the road would also begin.”




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